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Photo: Homs, Syria. A government soldier stands in front of the Khaled Ibn al-Walid mosque, which Assad’s forces captured last Saturday. Check out the rest of this slideshow for images of the destruction wreaked upon the city of Homs. Sam Skaine/AFP/Getty




BREAKING: Here’s the tweet that could lead to a new grand jury in Ferguson, MO. 

#Ferguson@shaunking took screenshot of tweeter @thesusannichols who claims to know juror on #MikeBrown #DarrenWilson grand jury & appears to be receiving leaked information. King says that within seconds of posting this, her friends told her to delete it & she did but not before it was screenshotted. She has since deleted her entire account but King says they checked & she is indeed a #STL resident w/ years’ worth of tweets from there. “If true, her tweet not only reveals a leak in the grand jury, but gives us an ugly glimpse into how things have gone so far. This person who posted it on twitter & her contact on the grand jury must be fully & completely investigated & removed if it’s true.”-@shaunking

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"There isn’t enough at this point to warrant an arrest. #Ferguson"


I am beautiful,
especially when I’m angry.
When there are no words,
and I am my purest form of rage.
They tell us that women 
should cry quietly,
and birth their anger in secret.
But I will rain over everything near,
unforgivingly loud,
my beauty is in my angry rebellion.
— Key Ballah (via keywrites)
  • Men's Rights Activists: THIS IS NOT FAIR. MEN HAVE PROBLEMS TOO.
  • Black Men: We're constantly demonized by mainstream media and are targets of police brutality.
  • Gay Men: We face discrimination and hatred and are denied marriage and job security.
  • Trans Men: We are outcasts and are denied medical care, our lives are constantly under threat and our gender is always under scrutiny and policed by others.
  • Men's Rights Activist: ....
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • Men's Right Activist: Y-Yeah, but... a Feminist was mean to me...
Title: Everybody Talks

Artist: Neon Trees

37,991 plays


Hey baby won’t you look my way,
I could be your new addiction
Hey baby what you got to say,
All you’re giving me is fiction

Hey honey you could be my drug
You could be my new prescription


my chemistry teacher calls babies “fresh humans”



so hey fun fact for anyone who wants queer history trivia: the first disco in Seattle was opened in 1973 and was a gay bar called “shelly’s leg” and it was named after a dancer named shelly who lost her leg in a confetti cannon accident and used the insurance/lawsuit settlement money to open a gay disco.

a) This is such a fantastic story that I wouldn’t care if it were made up, except that

b) upon further research, it does appear to be true


when you hear a song by your favorite artist in the store and try to keep calm

When you love someone:
- Don’t take each other for granted.
- Stop assuming you need to have sex to be intimate.
- Go on dates, PROPER dates.
- Dress formally for dates, and turn off your phones.
- Call, don’t text.
- Talk, don’t grunt.
- Surprise each other with little notes or flowers.
- Stop comparing your relationship to others.
- Have time apart as well as time together.
- Keep your own identity.
- Love as deeply as possible, don’t hold back.
- Be honest, at all times.
FRS. (via daianayumi)
The problem with gender is that it prescribes how we should be, rather than recognizing how we are.
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (via oedameux)



i want extremely explicit gay representation in popular media and i want to make every fucking straight person uncomfortable


Part 1: Celebrities react to the Ferguson protests

I’m not where I need to be, but thank god I’m not where I used to be.
Unknown  (via dissapolnted)